¡El gran empujón! – a Nuts! AAR (Turns 2-3)

Turn 2

I roll for activation and the Nationalists get an awful roll: 6, which means they technically activate first, but cannot activate any of their squads this turn as none of them have a rep 6 leader. Republicans rolled a 3 and now begin activating their forces.

The Republican 2nd Squad starts their turn by opening fire on Pfc. Jairo, the last bogey in sight. Cpl. Espinar and Sgt. Venegas combine fire onto the lone rifleman and take him down. The rest of the squad moves forward.

The survivors of the Nationalist 1st Squad take an Infantry Crisis test and stay in the fight, despite Sgt. Gallo’s poor leadership.

Back in the forest, the Republican HQ squad deploys their medic in the forest. The medic manages to revive Cpl. Indiano, the LMG carrier from the HQ squad. He’s stunned for this turn and can’t do anything, so the rest of the squad stays behind the treeline to watch his back while he recovers. On the next turn, the medic will attempt to revive Pfc. Zoido as well.

Meanwhile, 1st Squad presses the advantage on the final 3 Nationalist privates who occupy the farmhouse. Everyone with line of sight opens up on the farm windows!

On the Nationalist side, Pvt. Gaos is wounded and knocked out of the fight; Pvt. Amengual ducks back and regroups with his broken squad; Pvt. Ignacio is killed!

With the Nationalist riflemen in the windows now eliminated, 3rd Squad breaks off a rifle section from the treeline and rushes them to the barn. The section manages to almost reach the doorway into the barn with a successful Fast Move roll.

The final unmoved soldiers of 1st Squad advance to a better position, ending Turn 2 for both sides.

Turn 3 – Republicans

Turn 3 comes in fast and the Republicans win the activation roll once again. The Nationalists roll low, so while they activate later, they are guaranteed to be able to move all their squads this time around.

The Republican medic attempts to revive Pfc. Zoido. He fails, but not critically; Zoido remains out of the fight. HQ Squad regroups behind Lt. Escalera, who devises the platoon’s next moves.

With the front yard cleared out — aside from the right side, which is still locked down by the Nationalist LMG section — the Republican 1st and 3rd Squads push the advance. 1st Squad positions themselves by the fence, ready to ambush any Nationalist counter-attack, while 3rd Squad prepares to storm the farmhouse.

Meanwhile, 2nd Squad pushes through the edge of the map around the side of the barn. They are spotted by the defending Nationalist 1st Squad, who win the In Sight check and open fire!

The Republicans manage yet another stroke of luck. The Nationalists miss and draw returning fire from all three Republicans. Sgt. Venegas, Cpl. Espinar, and Pfc. Magrina proceed to mow down all three Nationalists, and then pass their subsequent Infantry Crisis tests for taking fire. Talk about a bunch of badasses!

3rd Squad breaks off a small rifle section of two high-rep PFCs and fast-move them into the barn. They take positions at the only window that faces the Nationalist side of the map.

When Pfc. Tamayo and Pfc. Rasgado reach the window of the barn, they trigger an In Sight test against the remaining members of the Nationalist 1st Squad.

(Note: Things got a little dicey with this barn model. I couldn’t place any models next to the barn under the window, so I placed them on an invisible floor above the roof. They are assumed to be visible through the back-yard window seen below.)

The Nationalists win! They open fire and knock Pfc. Rasgado out of the fight, but Pfc. Tamayo stands strong and returns fire, killing the Nationalist Cpl. Montes!

The rest of 3rd Squad acts. Pfc. Aguayo breaks off from the squad to join cohesion with the now-alone Pfc. Tamayo, so he can help drag their fallen comrade to safety. The rest of the squad pushes toward the barn.

This ends the Republican advance for Turn 3. The Republicans have the barn and farmhouse surrounded (aside from that pesky LMG team) and await the Nationalist counter-attack.

Turn 3 – Nationalists

The Nationalists start their turn by moving 3rd Squad into the open between the farmhouse and the barn, triggering and In Sight test with 3 Republican soldiers by the fence.

The Nationalists win the In Sight test, but they squander their opportunity and miss their shots. The Republicans mostly miss their return fire shots, causing a comical exchange of gunfire causing little effect — except Pvt. Freixa manages to score a pitifully lucky headshot on Pvt. Fragas, who dies instantly.

The deadly crossfire!

The firefight ends with the Republican grunts ducking back behind the farmhouse once again.

Meanwhile, the first section of 2nd Squad advances along the bottom of the hill, covered by their LMG section from the top of the hill. Led by Sgt. Arturo, they move as far as they can to the corner of the farmhouse without fast moving, and prepare to attack the Republicans on their next activation!

The HQ Squad moves and spreads out, facing all their guns towards the corner of the map by the barn, where the Republicans are swiftly breaking through the lines.

This ends Turn 3 for both sides. The desperate struggle for the farmhouse will continue with another roll for activation….

To be continued…

Platoon lists: https://alinfierno.wordpress.com/2019/04/06/platoon-lists-el-gran-empujon/

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