Chain Reaction: Martial Arts

I recently watched the Jackie Chan movie Police Story and was inspired to create a fast and simple set of Martial Arts Film style rules for Chain Reaction.  The Kung Fu Action system is a mish-mash of the regular Action Table and the Fist Fight system from Star Marine.  Combat is focused around fist fights but with modified rules to include the occasional pistol-toting opponent. 

No Duck Back, no Cover – just flying fists and high-rep martial arts experts!

Update 1/26/22

I’m experimenting with toning down Rage/Wing Chun a bit since they’re both extremely good in a Melee focused campaign. Each one only gives +1d6 for the first round of every Melee.

Also, if you’re wondering why there’s like a dozen different versions of the above doc, everything after the Rage change has just been minor tweaks to the class tables and some Attribute description corrections.

Updates 1/27 – 2/3/22

  • I updated Jiu Jitsu to make it better (bonus applies to every Kung Fu Action now, not just every Encounter.)
  • Clarified that Tai Chi bonus applies to every Melee.
  • Added that you can get Clues through successful NPC Interaction.

Update 2/8

Upgraded Jiu Jitsu once again, this time applying the bonus to every Melee but capping the gained Rep at +1 over max.

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