A War of a Madman’s Making – Announcement

I’m currently developing game called A War of a Madman’s Making (AWOAMM): A combination of Visual Novel and text-based RPG centered around war planning and political survival, inspired by games like Suzerain and Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa.

The game is set in a fictional world – an apocalyptic analogue of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. You are subordinate to a deranged Great Leader who has been called up to plan his doomed invasion of a supposedly weaker neighbor. You must appease your leader while managing your campaign resources and making difficult decisions. Can you survive the purges and assassinations with your ethics intact?

AWOAMM includes a hidden points system similar to games like Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa. You have the freedom to make ruthless decisions to achieve your objectives, but doing so might compromise your freedom and safety later in the story – particularly if you face a war crimes tribunal. However, mismanage your resources pursuing nobler causes, and you’ll find a similar fate at the hands of your beloved Great Leader.

The game is currently in early development, and will feature retro-style character sprites and a soundtrack by Borealis full of tense overtures and bombastic battle themes. Check out a sample of the music and the introduction sequence (reminiscent of Suzerain) in the following video. Artwork used in the video is WIP.

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