Chain Reaction: Blood Horizon

There are no clean getaways.

Chain Reaction – Blood Horizon is a complete standalone campaign inspired by the novel and film No Country for Old Men.  You’ve stolen a satchel full of cash from a bullet-riddled drug deal gone wrong in the desert, sparking a chain of events that catches the attention of every gang in the country.

Enemies chase you across a campaign map representing North America.  Groups of Hired Goons comb the map semi-randomly while a Deadly Assassin relentlessly pursues you.  With a bit of luck and finesse, you can lure them into fighting each other – but screw up and you’ll find yourself facing insurmountable odds.

Combat is swift, deadly, and easily handled with minimal dice rolls.  Our priority is to keep the game easy to play yet still challenging.  Bookkeeping is reduced to a minimum with the goal of getting you playing as quickly as possible.

You can play solo or cooperatively, but remember: Your chances of survival are slim.

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