A War of a Madman’s Making – Announcement


I'm currently developing game called A War of a Madman's Making (AWOAMM): A combination of Visual Novel and text-based RPG centered around war planning and political survival, inspired by games like Suzerain and Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa. The game is set in a fictional world - an apocalyptic analogue of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. … Continue reading A War of a Madman’s Making – Announcement

The Emperor of Hawks and Snakes

(He Said Nothing) One:Gray The gargantuan hotel wasn’t quite as exquisite as the online reviews had bragged. Anthony and Charlotte were disappointed when they took a tour of the bottom floor led by the gentleman attendant. Each hall and room looked exactly the same with their gold-striped sallow walls, identical silver chandeliers, and black-and-white portraits … Continue reading The Emperor of Hawks and Snakes

Chester’s First Day on the Job

Today's story centers around a 20-year-old Star Marine named Chester Chase. He's just finished basic training and deployed on his first assignment: An invasion campaign of a desert world owned by the Bugs. Seems simple enough, right? Well, let's just say Chester's first day on the job doesn't as smoothly as hoped. This game was … Continue reading Chester’s First Day on the Job